Statistics and information for following claranet’s acquisition of star in november 2012, we have been working hard to bring together the two companies as one. our focus has been on aligning our people, processes and infrastructure in order to offer our customers an expanded portfolio representing the best services from both companies. we are excited to have integrated star’s services into the claranet portfolio, and believe our combined expertise allows us to offer our customers a more diverse, competitive and stronger array of services. star’s strong offerings around unified communications are complementary to our core service groupings. the portfolio now covers hosting, networks and communications.

November 01, 2018
Last Updated

10 Thousand
All sources: desktop and mobile
05:47 min. Visit Duration
7.5 Pages per a Visit
32.98% Bounce Rate
We estimate summary traffic for as 10 Thousand visits per month.
The users' engagement: Pages per Visit: 7.5, Average Visit Duration: 05:47 minutes, Bounce Rate: 32.98%.

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